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Hello, we're WiseFelo.

We are solving the issue of financial inclusion in Africa by adding value to financial services, focusing on quality and welfare.

Helping people attain their
full financial potential.

The world is rapidly changing with constant development in the financial services. Though progress has been made in terms of access and usage in Africa, we still need to improve the quality and welfare that we get from those financial services. WiseFelo is providing education and tools that address the issues of quality and welfare for our customers.

Our Approach to Personal Finance

Effective personal finance management is a journey with four steps that are all crucial in order for you to reach your goals in life.


We make financial concepts easier to understand to make sure people are in control of their finances.


We help people to assess their financial situations to understand which decisions impact their finances more so they can prioritize.


We give people tips on how to spend and save in order to help them make wise financial decisions.


We teach people how to build wealth gradually using investment knowledge.


Victor Makere

Non-Executive Director/Financial Consultant

Ndibalema Rwezaura

Non-Executive Director/Financial Consultant


Nossim Melita

Corporate sales executive

Castory Massano

Digital product manager

Mohamed Kawia

Senior Software Developer


Lilian Hipolyte

Marketing Consultant

Julia Seifert

Research consultant

Daniel Mugizi

Content and copy writer

Stephen Senzota

Project management

Marion Marealle

Tech Scalability

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